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At HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION, we believe that obtaining the necessary visa to move permanently to Canada is the start of a process rather than the end of one.

We understand the anxiety and stress you might already be experiencing through the thought of migrating to Canada. As such, our settlement services aim to provide you with the necessary information and assistance to overcome barriers specific to the newcomer experience so that you can undertake your longer-term integration by adapting to life in Canada and build networks within your new community easily.

In a nutshell, moving to a new country like Canada can be very disruptive, but we are here to help, and it costs you nothing extra. Our services are client-focused and designed to support you in every way we can so that you can enjoy healthy lives, feel confident & safe and make the transition to life in Canada as smooth as possible.

Our free settlement services include, but not limited to:

  • Advice and update on all relevant information relating to your arrival and landing process in Canada.

  • Airport pick up for you and your family.

  • Assistance in finding affordable accommodation upon arrival in a safe neighbourhood.

  • Advice and assistance in applying for all the necessary paperwork relating to Health, Taxes and Banking.

  • Advice and assistance in preparing your resume and cover letters.

  • Advice on job search and the Canadian job market. Our support team will work closely with you to help you find a job as quickly as possible.


At HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION, we value your well-being and success enormously. We therefore aim to enhance our relationship beyond that of ‘consultant-client’. As such, we will remain in touch even after you are well settled in Canada.  



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Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, with clean and friendly cities, world-class universities, strong businesses and good job opportunities. On top, Canada is not just a great place to work but Canadians enjoy a good work-life balance. It is also a fantastic environment to bring up children as well as feeling safe and secure.


With currently over 70 immigration options that are on offer across the different provinces and territories even more people will have a chance to apply and immigrate to Canada.

The following are currently the main streams where HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION can advise and assist you:

  • Express Entry

  • Provincial Nominee Programs for all Provinces and Territories (except Quebec)

  • Family Sponsorship

  • Investor Visas

  • Visitor Visas

  • Work Permits

  • Study Permits


Why not speak to us and explore the new life that you and your family could enjoy in Canada?

Book a free consultation and find out what is the best way for you and/or your family to immigrate to Canada.



Dear Prospective Client

Thank you for choosing to consult our website and hopefully at the end of your visit, we would have given you the necessary assurances that HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION can provide you with the required services to help you achieve your goal of immigrating to Canada.

HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION was launched in 2020 with the objective of firstly providing its clients Canadian Immigration advice that they can trust at a reasonable service fee and secondly offer a wide range of support services at no cost to help them settle in Canada easily. 

At HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION, we have made it our mission to ensure that the people and businesses we serve become successfully established in Canada and consequently our attitude is bound by innovation, not tradition.

HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION’s main philosophies have been influenced by my personal life experiences as a first-generation immigrant in Canada. After arriving in 2014 as a worker, my family and I experienced a lot of challenges from looking for a new job to adapting to

a novel environment away from our immediate family. However, with the support of newfound friends and strong resolve, we thrived despite the different obstacles and are now enjoying a quality life in Canada. None of that would have been possible had we not met the right people giving us the right support at the right time.

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R705733) and a Foreign Worker Recruiter in Saskatchewan (Licence No. 00788), I now in turn want to share my experience and knowledge to allow you to take advantage of the opportunities that this great country has to offer.

My support team and I do understand that all cases are unique, but we sincerely believe that we are well-equipped to make the Immigration process as efficient and comfortable for you as possible, and are happy to communicate with you in English, Hindi, Creole or French.

Furthermore, at HARISS PANDOO IMMIGRATION, our core values also include our commitment to being accessible, efficient

and responsive; to find real solutions; to communicate clearly; to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity and to ensure you are given an indication of the cost of our services at the outset.

On a concluding note, I would like to highlight that I know how it feels to have passion, ambition, dreams and aspirations like you because some time ago I was you!! If I made it to Canada… so can you ….

I hope to have the opportunity to be of service to you soon….


​Kavi Pandoo CPA, FCCA





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